5 sexy fall thrillers coming soon

Fall will be here shortly, although for many, mentally it’s already begun. Starbucks is back to serving pumpkin spice, the temperatures are dropping, and for horror lovers, October is fast approaching. But lovers of the thriller, (even more specifically, the sexy thriller) have lots to be excited about too. Because they’re getting a whole slew of new sexy fall thrillers coming their way in the upcoming months. It will commence this weekend with Paul Feig’s new flick, A Simple Favor. Read on to see all the sexiest fall thrillers coming our way in the upcoming, chillier months.

1. A Simple Favor. The new thriller stars Anna Kendrick, appearing to play her bubbly self, and Blake Lively, as her neighbor and friend who is much more mysterious. The two stylish friends trade chats, and drinks, but when Emily (Lively) disappears the real mystery begins. The film which has been described as an comedic, erotic thriller is rated R meaning there is sure to be lots of good suspense, and sexiness to go around. Plus the poster evokes Hitchcock vibes so there’s that. A Simple Favor opens today, 9/14. 

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2. Suspiria. Probably the most highly anticipated of all the fall thrillers. The Daria Argento remake has been getting some really great buzz. To start, it has some brilliant casting, with Tilda Swinton playing the head master at the renowned ballet school that is not what its portrayed to be. The story follows Jessica, an American who has arrived at the prestigious school to study dance. Dakota Johnson, normally lack luster and now a redhead looks great in the film. There’s much hope for the new October thriller to live up to all it’s hype. If the trailer and music is any indication so far, we’re in for a fun, horrifying ride.  Opening Oct 26th. 

sexy thrillers, fall thriller movies, dakota johnson, suspiria

3. Serenity. The noir thriller reunites Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey as an ex-couple thrust back into each others lives under mysterious circumstances. Karen (a blonde Hathaway) tracks down her fishing boat captain ex husband Baker (McConaughey), and begs for his help from her current, violent husband. Jason Clarke, continuing his stride playing no good, side character husbands. She wants Baker to deal with him in the most sinister of ways. But as always, things are not what they seem. With a trailer that almost evokes Body Heat vibes, this looks like the epitome of sexy thriller. Serenity hits theaters Oct 19th. 

4. Under the Silver Lake. Under the Silver Lake was originally slated for an earlier opening, but A24, (the production company that can do no wrong) pushed it back till December. The neo-noir stars Andrew Garfield as Sam, a disenchanted man who meets a gorgeous, mysterious woman in his building’s swimming pool one night. When she suddenly vanishes soon after, Sam becomes determined to find out what happened. His journey will lead him down a mysterious, and strange road throughout Los Angeles. One that includes intrigue, scandal, murder, and more.

5. Welcome Home. The new film screened at Cannes earlier this year. It stars Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski as a couple who, in an attempt to work on their relationship, spend a weekend at a rental vacation home in an Italian countryside. How do they find it? Through the AirBnB inspired site, ‘Welcome Home’. When they cross paths with the attractive, male stranger down the road, their own relationship begins to be tested in ways they never expected. Opens Oct 11th.

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Which of these fall thrillers are you most excited about??   

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