Sexy thriller Greta arrives Winter 2019

If the newly released trailer is any indication, Greta looks like it will be the first great sexy thriller of the new year. The new Neil Jordan movie stars the alluring Isabelle Huppert (already a sexy thriller pro) and Chloë Grace Moretz. Also a horror alum, she’s flexed those chops in big ways, from Carrie to this year’s Suspiria. The film also continues one of the biggest themes of 2018; intensely female driven film.

The movie follows new, naive New Yorker Frances who, by chance, forms a friendship with the older Greta, (Huppert). But what begins as a sweet camaraderie begins to blur the line between friendship and obsession. Moretz’s Frances soon discovers sweet maternal Greta is not what she seems.

A female powered thriller with elements of Single White Female and Fatal attraction? We say, bring it on,.

Greta opens March 19, 2019

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