The Allure of the Sexy Thriller

As a child in Manhattan, my mom would take me to the movies constantly. From Christmas Eve traditions, to double features in the summer before we had air conditioning. I’ve always expressed my love of movies, not like it’s something you can really hide or store away. Somehow this is one passion that always shows itself, be it with movie quotes, or attention to film detail. But films seem to have always played a role, in one way or another. From memories with mom, to being one of the bonding factors between me and the dude I dated who became my husband. Though I’m not quite sure how the fascination with this particular genre came about, I’ve always seemed to have an affinity towards it. Though, as I’ve mentioned previously, it can partly be traced back to a late night discovery one weekend at the grandparents, as a young girl.

Ever since then, I seem to be drawn to some allure of the sexy thriller. Growing up in the 90’s, I would watch these grown up films which I didn’t completely understand, and now as a 37 year old woman, I still have a fondness for them, especially those aforementioned 90’s flicks. Because let’s face it, they just don’t make them like they used to. As one of my favorite authorities on erotic thrillers put it not too long ago, ” A big-time moneymaker in the ‘80s and ‘90s that largely faded out by the new millennium, the erotic thriller combined elements of film noir and soft-core to sometimes cheesy, sometimes brilliant effect.”

Being someone who shares a love of the same oft forgotten genre, I love to see someone else explain so articulately how it affects them. Though my fondness for entertainment is still a resource, it’s become more and more important to shine a light on that theme which I love so much. One that frankly, deserves a little more respect and attention from society. If I’ve learned one thing from starting to immerse myself in the film writing world, it’s that there is in fact an audience for every unique niche.

In that vein, Sexy Thriller makes its debut. A place to celebrate all things sexy, and thrilling. Not just soft core style cheese from the 90’s, but those films that are also evocative, exciting, and have something to say. In this world, sexy thrillers aren’t simply about sex, or murder. From Vertigo, to Black Swan, to Tom Ford’s more recent Nocturnal Animals, we’re proving that there is in fact a place for the modernized sexy thriller in our society. And that definition can in fact take on different meanings, some subtle, others more blunt.

In a world filled with turbulent times, there’s hope that we can still find solace in the deeply escapist fun that is mysteries, and sexy thrillers, in all their forms.



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